Pulse by Christepher Wee

Pulse. The rhythmic vibration of our existence, Surge of energy that propel through our beings, Drumming heard through our blood, Lives that echo in that pulsating beat and thump. In peace and recovery, the fallen of Pulse, We pray for you, Stand by you, Walk with you. United by the same red in us, Pulse that breaths through us, Colours… Read more →


A Race Forward Future

Thank-you to PSAC for inviting me to speak at your BC Regional Conference for Racially Visible Members. It was such an honour to speak to your theme “Race Forward: Our Union, Our Community, Our Future!”   Dialogue is the beginning of understanding and fostering respect. Dialogue leads to strategizing and mobilizing initiatives to bridge and build knowledge, understanding, and the… Read more →


“Kindness is one size fits all.”

Travis Price and David Shepherd’s voices and actions gave birth to a life changing national and global campaign that addresses bullying and educates the importance of safe schools, workplaces, neighbourhoods, communities for everyone to inter-exist without fear and harassment. Thank-you Travis and David for making such an impact on the countless number of lives from that one action of compassion… Read more →


Welcoming Refugees To Our Home

Let’s remember that we are all immigrants to this land that those before us colonized from our First Nations brothers and sisters. Let’s acknowledge the many from all walks of life who helped build this great “True North Strong and Free” we all call our home today. I am proud to be a Canadian because our political correctness and progressive… Read more →


In 2016 Be The Solution

  2015 was definitely a year of victories and challenges, nationally and globally, from the changing of our Canadian government to the terrorist attacks and the plight of refugees. I hope that in 2016, you will be a part of the progress in your community no matter where you live because we are a part of every solution. Happy New… Read more →

Christepher Wee XO

Happy Birthday to Me

Thank-you for all the birthday wishes from all over the world. A huge thanks to my parents who gave me life and for raising me well. Thank-you to my family, friends, and supporters for your unwavering encouragement! I feel so blessed and so thankful. With much love, Christepher XOXO muah! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1056954154329363&set=vb.100000443663518&type=3&theater Read more →


McLaren Housing Society of BC’s Float for Vancouver Pride 2015

http://mclarenhousing.com #HappyPride everyone! #McLarenHousingSocietyofBC presents #SAMESEXMARRIAGE for this year’s #float entry for #VanPride @vancouverpride The pioneers who have fought for our marriage rights, those who have exercised our liberty to marry, and our counterparts everywhere who have been victorious and who are still striving for their marriage rights are our #GenderSuperheroes ! Canada celebrates 10 years of legalized #samesex #marriage ! Thanks #FalseCreekDesignGroup @gardenworkscanada #SeaCoastSound #DJBella @bellaellaeheheh for your continual support and contribution! HUGE #LOVE goes out the the best Pride… Read more →

#HIVanonymous Campaign


HIVANONYMOUS.CA “For many, living with HIV means hiding from discrimination. Let them know that being anonymous doesn’t have to mean being alone.” Post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter photos of yourself, family, friends, and/or colleagues embracing a sign that reads #HIVANONYMOUS  Let’s achieve #zero with infection and stigma together as one community. https://positivelivingbc.org @pozlivingbc #positivelivingbc   Read more →