Activism with Affirmation, Attention & Intention, and Passion & Vision

Allyship in Action! The Canadian Centre for Gender + Sexual Diversity. Activism with Affirmation, Attention & Intention, and Passion & Vision by Christepher Wee. August 9, 2017. Thank you to the Coast Salish peoples of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations whose unceded territory we live, visit, work, play, and are present on. Write in one to three sentences… Read more →

Diverse Autobiographies, Similar Perspectives

This evening I had 7 “Big Ideas” presented to me by 20 remarkable educators. They lived and are living their diverse autobiographies but I think all share similar perspectives of the significance of teaching in the 21st century in our urban, “citizen city.”   Teacher Self-Care reminds me of the importance of my personal wellness and how that wellness could potentially impact… Read more →

“Getting Schooled”

Season 2, Episode 4 Dinner Party: Getting Schooled First Aired on Netflix: May 5, 2017 Chelsea sits down with Jim Parsons, Rashida Jones, Gaby Hoffmann, and Mary McCormack to discuss teachers who influenced their lives. I came across this episode on talk show, Chelsea, about “getting schooled.” If you have Netflix, you can watch the full episode. Otherwise, below is a… Read more →

From “I Am” to “We Are”

“Ethical imagination is what makes possible ‘I thou’ moments of unconditional concern or fatality when we can affirm we are here for the other that we can encounter one another face to face. Imagining an ethical possibility may lead to a conception of political possibility…moving from terror, deprivation to possibility, to coming together in a public space, to attend to… Read more →

Breathing in a “Soul”

A Teacher Can Change a Student; A School a Community | Carmen Pellicer Iborra | TEDxBerkleeValencia The Difference Between A Teacher And An Educator | Timmy Sullivan | TEDxYouth@BHS 8 Laws of Change | Stephan A Schwartz | TEDxVail As educators, we should give a “soul,” as Carmen Pellicer Iborra would call it, to our vision and… Read more →

The Community Is In Us

From looking at place, language, time, and self/other in Living Inquiry to our current discussions about citizen city, cosmopolitanism, Greene/Dewey/Arendt’s perspectives of educators and education, to Ouri’s views of place/space embodying whole cultural significance in terms of its architecture and purpose/functionality, I am day by day deepening my sense of belonging and responsibility within my urban school environment and community… Read more →

Living Your Teaching

“If you teach, you have to live your teaching.” – Maya Angelou I think the significance of teaching in the 21st century is also about practicing what one preaches. Putting my own educational philosophy and practice into action is the most effective way to inspire and lead my students and school community. The following are examples of my extended community,… Read more →

Megan Red Shirt-Shaw

Megan Red Shirt-Shaw’s Harvard Graduate School of Education Convocation Speech Megan Red Shirt-Shaw delivers a moving and inspiring speech at Harvard Graduate School of Education Convocation. In her speech, I felt Maxine Greene’s call “on us in education to take ourselves and our condition more seriously, to take ourselves as educators more seriously…how could we help children develop the sense of trust in their… Read more →

Citizen or Visitor?

I was walking through Point Grey neighbourhood near Kitsilano today with my visiting friend from Toronto and boyfriend. We walked along the rocky beaches enjoying Vancouver’s breathtaking landscape engaged in conversations about life and the gentrification and architectural development of our city. Wayne noticed the dramatic changes in Chinatown and areas like Olympic Village, Mount Pleasant, Main Street, Marpole, and… Read more →