Living and Experiencing Time

Living and Experiencing Time by Christepher Wee March 21, 2017 UL11 Fieldnotes 8 They are my time realities. The moments, learnings, teachings, growth, all amount to the realities that are encapsulated by time. They are my nephews of 4months, 2years, and 4years. During my one week in Taipei, I lived and experienced time through them. From the formation of baby… Read more →

Timing is My Essence of Time

Timing is My Essence of Time by Christepher Wee February 28, 2017 UL11 Fieldnotes 7 The most important thing I’ve learned about time so far is that time for me is all about timing. I truly believe that there’s timing in everything in our lives. From when we meet the love(s) of our lives, when to pursue a masters degree,… Read more →


#Language by Christepher Wee February 22, 2017 UL11 Fieldnotes 6   When we look at the culture of language in the 21st century, language has minimized to a concrete, concise, and clear conveyance of text and image. I think if this language trend continues, we will lose the art of writing, the ease of expression through words and imagery that… Read more →

Language is Culture and Culture is Language

Language is Culture and Culture is Language by Christepher Wee February 13, 2017 UL11 Fieldnotes 5   When you explore the Second Languages curricula you will discover that language denotes culture and culture denotes language. Having worked on curriculum development, as well as, teaching Mandarin Chinese, I’ve gain a deeper appreciation for how language and culture are intertwined. In this… Read more →

Language in Curriculum

Language in Curriculum by Christepher Wee February 9, 2017 UL11 Fieldnotes 4   BC educators started to implement the newly revised BC curriculum this year. Many of my colleagues and I are excited about exploring the possibilities from acquisition to assessment. When I first browsed through the new curriculum, I noticed how clear and concise language was used. Even the words… Read more →

‘Place’ through your eyes

‘Place’ through your eyes by Christepher Wee February 1, 2017 UL11 Fieldnotes 3 Seeing ‘place’ through their eyes and experiences is my third fieldnotes. The past two weeks, my classmates and fellow educators shared what ‘place’ means to them. I decided to look at ‘place’ through their eyes by revisiting their ‘place’, re-creating ‘place’, and reconnecting with ‘place.’ I walked… Read more →

‘Place,’ a premise for change.

‘Place,’ a premise for change. Written by Christepher Wee January 17, 2017 Fieldnotes 1   The definition and notion of ‘place’ changed for me profoundly in 2014 when I was introduced to Rainbow Refugee Society, an organization that supports and advocates for LGBTQ+ refugees who are seeking asylum in Canada, particularly in Greater Vancouver. New revelations of ‘place’ through working… Read more →

Personal Positive Change

  Let the triumphs and victories in our communities stem from our collective personal positive change.   #婚姻平權 #修改民法972 #愛不分異同#台灣 #王崇偉 #loveislove #samesexmarriage #humanrights #equality #loveknowsonlytheheart #inspiretoempower #wee #christepherwee #spiritofgiving #actsofkindness #rak #love #compassion #respect #unity #buildingcommunity #doyou #beyou #personalpositivechange #OUTShine2017 #Audace2017 #refugees #refugeecrisis #refugeeswelcome #fortmcmurray #westandwithorlando #pulse #niceparis #stopwar #nurturepeace #buidlingcommunity #givingbacktoourcommunity #bethechangeinyou #individualchange #education #collectiveefforts #truenorthstrongandfree #canada Read more →

OUTShine 2017 – Audace 2017

Hey folks, it’s time to start getting excited about OUTShine 2017! April 28 – 30, 2017 is going to be a jam-packed and exciting weekend for LGBTQI2S high school students and educators! Save the date and start planning your group’s trip today! You can RSVP at to receive more info. This year we have two days of powerful and informative workshops, live music, panel discussions, a resource fair, and of… Read more →