Living Your Teaching

“If you teach, you have to live your teaching.” – Maya Angelou

I think the significance of teaching in the 21st century is also about practicing what one preaches. Putting my own educational philosophy and practice into action is the most effective way to inspire and lead my students and school community. The following are examples of my extended community, social advocacy efforts. These are shared with my students when we have discourses on social issues and responsibilities.

Links to website blog entries:

“Being Race Forward” OUTShine 2017 Presentation (Windsor, Ontario)

“Re-engaging Our Humanitarian Sensibility” Asian Heritage Month Presentation (New Westminster, BC)

I brought two students to be on the guest panel with me. They presented their heritage projects based on their families’ biographical experiences on Early Canadian Immigration and Chinese Exclusion Tax.

“Racism in the Community” Presentation (Winnipeg, Saskatchewan)

“Rise Up!” Keynote (Surrey, BC)

“Support the Freedom to Love” Pink Dot Singapore

Hopefully through my personal advocacy efforts, my students will be inspired and motivated to embrace their advocacy journeys and realize their initiatives. This would give me “hope that what I chose to do with my life is going to be carried on by the next generation” (Aaron Sanchez) and the “yet-to-be” (Jennifer Thom) will bring positive newness to our world.