From “I Am” to “We Are”

“Ethical imagination is what makes possible ‘I thou’ moments of unconditional concern or fatality when we can affirm we are here for the other that we can encounter one another face to face. Imagining an ethical possibility may lead to a conception of political possibility…moving from terror, deprivation to possibility, to coming together in a public space, to attend to wounds and trauma, to think together about webs of relationships that might lead to the emergence of a community, a world of peace, and about keeping the questions open and a forever ongoing aesthetic education opening unexpected drawers.”1

Social transformation begins with one’s personal transformation. When one’s personal story, vision, passions are clearly internalized, one’s efforts to transform will be unwaveringly rooted. I came across this conversation that inspires that self-beginning with two words, “I am.”

Joel Osteen: “I am” How Words Can Determine Your Destiny | Oprah’s Life Class | Oprah Winfrey Network

Learning, envisioning, and dreaming of possibilities is not enough to change circumstances and create the new. I am planning a future action that entails collaboration of educators, students, school communities, and community partners to bring ideology and theory into lived experiences and reality.

Vision: From “I Am” to “We Are.”

Plan: To connect students from three schools through emails, live chats, school visits, and field trips to discuss, research, and explore what social transformation means to them, as well as, what possible acts of social transformation they would like to initiate as a collective. To develop a plan and course of action to implement and execute a collective initiative. To include the expertise and participation of other students, educators, and community partners such as parents and organizations.

Action: To implement the initiative among the three school communities and, or community. With the learnings and experience of the first, collectively look ahead to the second phase of the initiative by making it better and bigger in subsequent years.


1. Petrović,Cvetković, Jovanović, Humanization of School According to the Idea of Paulo Freire

2. Students can look at WE Day as a model in action.

3. Students can look at Voice of Youth as a model in action.

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