Diverse Autobiographies, Similar Perspectives

This evening I had 7 “Big Ideas” presented to me by 20 remarkable educators. They lived and are living their diverse autobiographies but I think all share similar perspectives of the significance of teaching in the 21st century in our urban, “citizen city.”


Teacher Self-Care reminds me of the importance of my personal wellness and how that wellness could potentially impact my students, colleagues, and school community. It also reaffirmed my philosophy of incorporating MindUP https://mindup.org and Mindful Movements https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdxJF92CaS4 into my Physical and Health Education curriculum because students need to learn from a young age that taking care of ourselves is more than enriching and empowering our minds and bodies, but also nourishing and nurturing our emotional, mental, and social wellness.


“Ibraham loves you” brought tears to my eyes. In our cosmopolitan reality, no matter where we teach, dwells the honest and sincere stories of all those who walk the hallways, eat in the cafeteria, play on school grounds, read in the libraries, and engage in the classrooms. Through these diverse stories we weave a collective understanding of respect and celebration for humanity.


The world of narratives through our personal timelines touched me on many levels because I now “see” my three fellow educators and classmates. Their willingness to bear their “soul” brought authentic meaning into their individual and collective perspectives. It reminds me of “Getting Schooled” which I shared earlier.


Experiential learning spoke to me because I believe in making tangible, authentic real life connections for my students and colleagues. Experiential, practical, exploratory learning allows us to make deeper connections which can potentially have life long and, or life changing impacts. They are relational to our inquiry, imagination, creativity, and innovation.


Reimagining my space is an ongoing reality for me as the classroom is not just room 205, the gym, or next year’s room 162. My space is everywhere and anywhere. My teaching moments and students’ learning dictate the space because it is constantly being reimagined. Do I have my ideal space? Yes, it is a combination of our world rich with life’s lessons, our environment where we live, play, and work, and the reimagined space we call, school.


The Multi-Generational Urban ‘Indian’ reminds me that educators need to go  beyond incorporating First Nations curriculum just to fulfill the requirements. We need to invite elders and actors who live and know these lessons and teachings to provide our students with more than just what is on the surface.



From theory to practicality and growing our mindsets remind me of my exploration https://mindsetonline.com/whatisit/themindsets/index.html. The info-graph and formulating sounds of the trumpet reflect that theories can be put into practice and learning has no limits or time restraints.


Our autobiographies are different but yet our perspectives on so many levels are similar when it comes to our roles as educators in the 21st century in our cosmopolitan reality. I “see” more clearly tonight that all of us are putting a “soul” into the significance of teaching in our day and age of rapid change and emerging personal, social, and political complexities.