Biographical Risk and Uncertainty

Biographical Risk and Uncertainty Christepher Wee   Biographical risk and uncertainty are the individualized living factors that impact and shape who we are from the moment we are born to our present, as well as, umbrella the known and unknowns that hide and protect the coming future from us. They are the moments, learnings, teachings, successes, failures, imprints, and stories… Read more →

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! XOXO

Education and The Educated by Christepher Wee At this time, education to me is about the acquisition of life’s ethical lessons, understanding, knowledge, skills, emotional and social literacy, survival and adaptation intuition, as well as sensibility. Education is the natality we learned about from Arendt and Levinson, where lessons of life and living are transcended through the generations. Education, to… Read more →

Indigenous Architecture and Design

Photo by Christopher Cheung  I drive by The Lu’ma Native Housing Society’s Aboriginal Children’s Village designed by Patrick Stewart all the time. In fact, my boyfriend and I drove by it this morning on our way home. I am glad to learn more about the architect, the inspiring meaning behind this project, and its ‘reconciliation’ design. Now when I drive… Read more →

Re-engaging Our Humanitarian Sensibility From My Asian Perspective

Re-engaging Our Humanitarian Sensibility From My Asian Perspective by Christepher Wee for OUTShine 2017 (Windsor, Ontario)   We have a social responsibility to access our lived experiences as Asian immigrants or refugees to better the lives of our global brothers and sisters who are currently or will be living our collective history.   Our ancestors and pioneers who came to… Read more →

Being Race Forward From My Asian Perspective

Being Race Forward From My Asian Perspective by Christepher Wee for OUTShine 2017 (Windsor, Ontario)   Dialogue is the beginning of understanding and fostering respect. Dialogue leads to strategizing and mobilizing initiatives to bridge and build knowledge, understanding, and the respect needed to foster communities that better embrace and celebrate diversity. Each of our lived experiences are powerful inspiring stories to… Read more →

“I got you good!”

“I got you good!” by Christepher Wee​ April 24, 2017 UL11 Reflection of Living Inquiry Presentations   22 educators gave our “Living Inquiry” presentations as students. I was marvelled by the journeys I was taken on. Four hours of ‘ah-ha’ moments and feeling such honour and privilege to be amongst such passionate, creative, innovative, inquisitive educators who through their unique… Read more →

My Living Inquiry

My Living Inquiry by Christepher Wee April 10, 2017 UL11 Living Inquiry Reflection   Part of my bio in the last few years has read, “Christepher believes that social education is the premise for positive change. Social education at home and in schools are paramount to nurturing today’s leaders and good citizens, as well as, fostering tomorrow’s unified and harmonious… Read more →

Liberation of Self and Other

Liberation of Self and Other by Christepher Wee April 6, 2017 UL11 Fieldnotes 11   A great sense of liberation and reassurance came upon me while reading Levinson’s “The Paradox of Natality: Teaching in the Midst of Belatedness.” It reignited the reasons I felt within of my teaching dreams while still in high school, as well as fuels my growing… Read more →


Evolutionary-self by Christepher Wee March 29, 2017 UL11 Fieldnotes 10   There’s no self without the other. I am the sum of the others who nurtured the self I am today and to be.   Heidegger talks about the self we are born into and the nuance of who and where we come from determines the born-self. I believe that… Read more →

The Other in Self

The Other in Self by Christepher Wee March 28, 2017 UL11 Fieldnotes 9   When we were exploring time, my first reflection was about ‘timing.’ Since over 10 years ago, I wanted to visit Vietnam but that opportunity never materialized. During Spring break, I think this was realized in a much more meaningful state. ‘Timing’ allowed me to have a… Read more →